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Easy Pouss Huile De Ricin Vierge (Huile de RICIN)

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EASY POUSS: Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Serum – Hair Loss Solutions – Boost Your Confidence & Restore Your Hair Loss, Hairline Treatment, Traction Alopecia Cure, Regrow your Edges, Hair & Scalp Treatment. EFFECTIVENESS 9 DAYS OF USE –  Anti-hair loss treatment. Healthy hair growth

EASY POUSS – Anti-Hair Loss Treatment. Healthy hair growth: It enhances hair thickness by allowing better blood flow in the scalp. It suppresses dandruff, strengthens the root and allows incredible hair manageability while keeping it healthy. The combination of Ricin and Natural Keratin enables immediate and efficient results.

EASY POUSS Thanks to its highly concentrated formula with natural active ingredients, the Elixir Easy Pouss prevents hair loss and significantly speeds up hair growth.

HOW TO USE: Apply daily a small amount on the scalp. Massage a few minutes to stimulate microcirculation. Do not rinse. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly. Wash hands after use.

Do not use for children under 6 YEARS



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